​WHO ​Is The Sales God?

My name is Daniel Taylor AKA "The Sales God".  Tiger woods dedicated his life to Golf,  Lebron James dedicated his life to Basketball, and I dedicated my life to selling... 

I started my selling career selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners door to door in 2006.   After earning my sales chops in the most brutal method of selling I developed some pretty useful skills, such as running from Pit-Bulls, running from police (to avoid getting cited for soliciting), and almost being kidnapped (True Story).

While at Kirby I started to dibble and dabble with marketing and selling digital products on the internet.  This was back when Google Adwords was fairly unknown and cheap, so I use to make a few hundred bucks per week selling affiliate products.

What intrigued me the most was when I'd make $180 bucks online in my sleep, but to make the same amount of money I'd have to go knock on doors for 10 hours.  Didn't take me long to realize which direction I needed to go.

Soon after I started studying Copywriting... I fell in love with it actually.  Sales psychology and behavioral science is always something that I was intrigued by.

After studying every course, book, and seminar by all the great sales copywriters I began to write sales copy for other marketers online.

Soon after I realized I could write sales copy for my own products and make a fortune, instead of writing for other companies while they make the fortune.

I didn't know what market to go into, so I just wrote about sales.  How to convert sales.  I wrote an ebook called the "Conversion Crisis" in 2007.  I outlined my process for writing copy and persuading people to buy via the internet.

The book did fairly well.  But I had a problem.

My money came in spurts.  I would write an ebook on sales/marketing and promote it on forums, but once everyone in my sphere bought the book... My money stopped.

I knew there had to be a better way.

That's when I saw an Ad for A top internet marketer Jermaine Griggs (Multiple winner of Marketer of the year) for his membership course where he outlined how he took $70 and turned it into an online Multi-Million dollar Piano training empire.

I devoured everything in the membership.  That's when I came up with the idea to Go into the Music Production Market.  Music production was always a passion and hobby of mine.

As I started my new business Jermaine's Mantra stuck in my head, "Focus on the relationship not the one time sale".

This was a revolutionary idea.  Before I was "product focused" instead of "customers focused".

Long story short I went on to become the #1 Music Producer consultant in the world, Revolutionized the entire industry, and made myself and others a TON of money in the process.

Jermaine Griggs impressed with what I was doing took me under his wing and became a personal mentor, but more importantly a personal friend.   He taught me everything he knew about marketing  and online sales.

I created TheSalesGod.com to help other companies who want to multiply their digital sales, but aren't sure how.

Anyways I'm tired of typing and have given you a mouthful already.  If we never meet nor work together feel free to listen to my podcasts and swipe all my ideas (use them) and make a ton of cash in the process.

If you are interested in working with me you can schedule a FREE 30 minute 1 on 1 strategy session where I will help you supercharge your sales at NO COST.

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