We Help Companies Build Email Campaigns That Transform Leads Into Raving Fans... Into Customers for Life

Did you know there is "Un-claimed money" just sitting in your business?  That money is in the form of the email addresses of your current customers and prospects... And all you have to do is ask for it... But you have to ask in the right way... At the right time.

That's where we come in.  Most businesses we talk to say "we do email marketing".  Then when we take a closer look what they call "email marketing" it's blasting sales promotions over.. and over again...  Or it's the exact opposite.  They email their list once or twice per month, letting their biggest money maker go to waste.

Your list is your biggest and best asset.  It allows you to print money on demand, IF you do it correct.   If you don't do it "correctly" you run the serious risk of burning out your list and have them hate and ignore your company forever.

That's why companies trust us to plan, build, and optimize their email marketing campaigns.  Our campaigns take your prospects by the hand and turn them into customers for life... but that's just the beginning.  Here are a few of the benefits your business  will get from our campaigns:

  1.  Multiply your sales and profit without spending a DIME on more advertising
  2. Create a bond with your customers so strong they ONLY buy from you and not your competitors
  3. Print "Cash on Demand" with proven sales campaigns that bring in a flood of sales
  4. 100% automated (It's like having an automated money machine for your business)
  5. Convert a higher % of your leads/prospects into paying customers for life
  6. Much more

If you would like to utilize email marketing to it's fullest potential schedule a FREE 1 on 1 30 minute consultation to see how we can increase your sales using proven email marketing strategies.

Our Process


​We take a deep dive into your current email marketing efforts and plan out high converting email marketing campaigns tailor fitted to your business.


​​​Our team will build the email campaigns directly into your CRM, and our team of highly trained copywriters will write ​ engaging copy that will win the trust of your prospects and create customers for life.


​​After running rigourous checks and and fail-safes we make sure the campaigns ​are  working properly then launch it to the world.

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​​After​ ​working with the ​The Sales God Team​ we brought in 10,831 new orders in the next 90 days! 


Greg Berry



​"​We went from making 0 dollars with email marketing to doing 6 figures in sales after using the campaigns and strategies we got frome the sales god.


​Kevin Barnes



​.  ​After implementing their "Text to Sale" campaign we increased our ​sales by 21​% ​​immediately...


​Keith Cannone


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